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This therapy works on the

principle that our feet have

"reflex zones" corresponding

to major organs, glands and

regions of the body.  By

physically manipulating or

massaging these zones a reflex

action occurs, sending a

stimulus to the associated

body part.  By treating the

body holistically a balancing effect can be achieved, allowing a natural healing to occur by stimulating the nervous system to function correctly.

Whether you fully subscribe to this theory or not, our feet are largely neglected and a focused, sympathetic session will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

A reflexology treatment can either be enjoyed as a stand-alone session, or combined with a traditional massage for enhanced relaxation. (For example, you may like to try a back / neck and shoulder massage followed by a Reflexology treatment.)



Can't decide which treatment to go for?  Then why not try a mix?

Enjoy a 45 minute Thai or Deep Tissue treatment followed by a 45 minute Reflexology session all for an Introductory price of £60




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