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Sports and Deep Tissue Massage



Traditional, table-based massage, particularly appropriate for the treatment of specific and general muscular aches and strains, fatigue and pain management.

Whilst a 'Sports' massage may focus on a particular ailment or condition, a 'Deep Tissue' session will employ similar techniques but follow a more flowing routine.  These sessions will typically last 45-60 minutes and are designed around the client's own requirements, with common conditions including - shoulder tension, muscle strains, lower back pain and tendonitis-style conditions such as tennis elbow and fatigue associated with endurance sports.

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This style of massage is obviously not limited to sports people.  Anyone who performs manual work, sits at a computer for long periods or enjoys gardening at the weekend knows the feeling of pushing their bodies a little too far.  Left unchecked, these minor niggles can develop into more chronic conditions.

Massage prevents the build-up of tension and leaves you free to enjoy a full and active life.

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